Real Property Tax System

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Real Property Tax System (e-RPTS) is a complete end-to-end solution for the Local Government Unit (LGU) to increase the revenue collection to be used by the LGUs in building capacity for their development needs. The e-RPTS involves the assesment, billing, maintaining the amount of records,periodic reports, and collection of real property taxes. Below are the components of our e-RPTS:

  • Real Property Tax Collection System
    • Abstract of RPT collection/ DRCD
    • BLGF record of RPT collection (SEF)
    • BLGF record of RPT collection (Basic)
    • Monthly report of RPT collection by classification.
    • Quarterly report of RPT collection by classification

  • Real Property TaxAssessment System
    • Real property tax assessment database
    • Tax declaration
    • Subdivision of property
    • Consolidation of property
    • New declaration
    • Re-assessment of property
    • Transfer segregation of property
    • Reclassification of property
    • Cancellation of assessment
    • Special Projects
    • Assessment roll
    • General revision of property
    • monthly/quarterly report by classification
    • Tax map control roll
    • FAAS… land, building, and machinery

    • Order of Payment (SOA)
    • Tax Settings
    • Tax Date
    • List of delinquents
    • Notice of delinquency

    • Users
    • Person
    • eRPTS Settings
    • Location
    • Property
    • Report Codes
    • Receipt

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