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Eighteen Advance Function and Features

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Eighteen Advance Functions and Features

  1. Simple and elegant front panel design, the leading international one key management technology marked in English, easy to operate.
  2. The capability of displaying the environmental monitoring data.
  3. High performance, high sensitivity, high stability, it can detect 0.1g ferrous metals (flaky landscape) accurately.
  4. Multi-probe, multi-zone, multi- launch and reception, interactive detection technology.
  5. This system equips with the conversion of warning lights.
  6. High strength thick door made of fireproof board, forming aluminum column structure, after antioxidant treatment, high hardness, no deformation, not easy to scratch.
  7. Slant main chassis designed all-metal structure, patented large countersunk head bolts for doors, easy to assemble, and the structure is more stable.
  8. The super brightness SMD double district alarm indicators, multi-angle display the hiding place of prohibited items.
  9. High-decibel alarm sound speakers set the size of the alarm sound or are mute according to user′s need.
  10. It can be connected to the Internet, through a single PC and special software; it can manage multiple devices, to meet the need of large-scale activities, events, and users who have to manage multiple devices at a time.
  11. It can link external devices such as: three roller gates, wing gates, access control, attendance, and the devices that need to control and register each other.
  12. With upgrade ports, we provide lifelong upgrade services; it can achieve the secondary development according to user′s need.
  13. The 3D multi-angle infrared design, can better prevent the interference of strong light, sunlight and other external light ( patented technology )
  14. The unique infrared start-stop technology is better to meet customers′ need.
  15. Full wraparound high booties, double pivot design, and not affected by uneven ground, it can be better to ensure the stability of the door, which has gone beyond the traditional design.
  16. The world′s leading technology of successive partitions, 54 independent detection zones.
  17. The management technology about the advanced password setting
  18. The warning lights conversion of each zones are managed separately

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